Posted by sharla on 26th Mar 2023

The Clean Skin Routine

Is cleansing and washing your makeup off when you sleep really THAT important? Does it matter what kind of cleanser I use? Do I need a makeup remover? What is double cleansing?

Let's get into it.

Cleansing your skin before bed

Wash your face. Wash your face. Wash your face. Ok, sorry that was too much, but heres the deets. Have you ever noticed how your skin looks and feels so fresh first thing in the morning? Yes, "beauty sleep" is kinda a real thing. Our bodies naturally heal and reset during sleep. So every night, naturally, with or without products that encourage cell renewal, cell renewal is happening. When makeup is left on the skin it can inhibit what your skin should naturally be doing by clogging your pores; which in turn can increase irritation and inflammation. ick.

Skin cell renewal and "beauty sleep" is also why rinsing with water first thing in the morning is often all you need for your skin. If you have oily skin, you may be an exception. However, over-exfoliating your skin can cause it to produce more oil throughout the day, so I would still stick to a gentle morning foam.

Cleanser and Double Cleansing

Ok, so to start, I'm going to say as long as your washing your face, you're doing ok; everything else is amplifying your routine as a bonus for your sweet cheeks. If you're unsure what type of cleanser to get, stick with the basics. Get something creamy, moisturizing, and neutral. Our skin can be ever changing, so I would rather see someone have a treatment approach to skin needs, then an all in one, done and dusted deal.

Double cleansing refers to cleansing twice and using two different sources of cleansing. So this can be done as a makeup remover and cleanser or two types of cleansers. For example, I use an oil cleanser/remover, then a treatment cleanser on my clean skin.

Towels and water

This may seem like a reminder you want to roll your eyes at, but always keep clean towels handy for drying or washing your face. Re-useable or disposable, it really doesn't matter, but I always recommend keeping them enclosed or away from humid "bathroom air" and grabbing a fresh one each time.

Lukewarm water will always be best for your skin. Hot water opens your pores, and cold water closes them; so they both have their place; but if you're not masking after your cleanse; lukewarm water is the perfect scenario for rinsing.